How do I give permission for all my members to post events to the calendar?

You can give all members (or just one member) permission to post events by following the steps below:


  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Manage Membership > Permissions.


  • Choose "events: [your group name] " from the drop-down menu and click "Filter."


  • Under "Post," you'll see your current permissions. If it says "all group moderators," click "change" next to this and use the drop down to choose "all group members" and hit "submit." This will give everyone in your group permission to post events to your calendar (e.g., they will all see the "Add event" link).



If you would rather only specific members have permission to post events, click "add a member" under "Post" and add the name or email of the specific member.


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