How does the Manage Multiple Subgroups feature work?

Group admins can access the manage area of every subgroup without having to join each and every one. Simply:


  • Go to [your group] > Resources > Subgroups.
  • You'll see a list of all your group's subgroups.
  • Click "Manage" next to the subgroup you wish to manage.


Super subgroup admins can access the "Manage" area of the subgroups included in the permission to manage multiple subgroups without having to join each and every one. To do so:


Go to [your group] > Utilities > Manage


This will bring you directly to the subgroups page. From this page, you can click the "manage" link associated with the specific subgroup of interest.


Note: If a subgroup is not listed on the subgroups page, it is likely because that subgroup has not been defined under the permissions for the super subgroup admin.


Accessing the subgroups manage area in this way is unique to those with super subgroup admin permissions.


Administrators of the main group will not be taken directly to the subgroups settings page, but will instead be taken to the "group dashboard" where they can then select the subgroups settings page.


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