Guide: Delegating responsibility to other group leaders using Permissions

BigTent has developed a flexible permissions feature to allow for easy management of your group, for sharing of responsibilities within your group, and for preparation for leadership turnover.

Only group leaders can give administrative permissions to other members. It’s a good idea to have a trusted backup administrator for coverage in your absence (vacations, illness, etc.), to prepare for transition of roles, and to help spread the group’s leadership workload.

How you wish to manage the workload and permissions is totally up to you. You can appoint as few or as many leaders you want, and specify how long they have their permissions.



To convert a group member into a leader:

  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Manage Membership > Permissions.

  • Locate the feature for which you want to assign a leader. Global permissions are at the top under "Manage."

  • Click "Add a member" under the appropriate area.

  • Enter the member's email and specify a term for the permissions.

  • Click "Submit."





What Permissions are in Place by Default?


By default, all group administrators have posting, moderation and admin permissions for all components (e.g., group enrollment or accounting functions, event / calendar-related functions, group news postings, and file uploading, as well as forum and group news moderation functions). 

By default, members joining the group can post to the forums, and view just about everything else. You can assign additional permissions for members to post an event, group news, files, etc. When assigning posting permissions to group members for events and news, be aware that they will be able to notify all other group members via email about events or news entries they themselves have posted.


Who can assign permissions? What can be assigned? And to whom?


Group administrators have permission to perform all administrative functions, including assigning other members to be group administrators and administrators of subgroups. 
A group or subgroup administrator can assign permissions to individual members to perform roles associated with enrollment, managing membership data, and accounting functions. 
At the feature level, a group administrator can assign permissions to members to perform event / calendar-related functions, group news postings, and file uploading, as well as forum and group news moderation functions. Refer to the detailed table below to see exactly what a member endowed with each permission can do.



Using the Drop-Down to View Permissions by Feature


To give someone permissions to a specific feature:

• Click the "Roles in:" drop-down menu on the permissions page
• Select your feature (e.g., calendar)
• Click "Filter"
• Click the “Add a member” link located under the role you want to give the member, (e.g., post, moderate, etc.)


Please note: If you are granting permissions within a subgroup, the member must already be enrolled in the subgroup to be granted permission. 



Granting Permissions to All Members for Files and Events


You can grant permissions to all of your members at once to post events and files. If you grant all group members permission to post to the calendar or the files, they can post new entries, but they can only edit the files or events they have created, not other members’ events or files.


• Select “events” or “files” from the drop-down menu.
• Click “Filter.”
• Underneath “Post” click the “change” link.
• Select “all group members” (e.g., post, moderate, etc.)









What they can do

Entire Group

Post (default)

  • Members can view:
  • Forums
  • Group news
  • Member list (if enabled)
  • Photos (if enabled)
  • List of events
  • Event details
  • Polls (if enabled)
  • List of files (if enabled for group)
  • Reviews (if enabled for group)
  • Classifieds (if enabled for group)


  • Members can post/edit:
  • Own profile information
  • Automatic posting permissions given to all members (except read only membership types) for the following features:
      • Forums
      • Classifieds (if enabled)
      • Group news comments
      • Sharing photos (if enabled)
      • Joining subgroups (based on subgroup enrollment type)
      • Respond to a poll (if enabled)
      • Rsvp to an event
      • Reviews (if reviews enabled)


Posting permissions must be granted for:

  • Files
  • Group news
  • Calendar / events

Moderate (all)


Same permissions as post, plus:

  • All forum moderator permissions,
  • All news moderator permissions
  • All calendar moderator permissions
  • All classifieds moderator permissions
  • All file moderator permissions

Invite Members


  • Manage invitations:
  • Create / send invitations
  • Approve invitation requests
  • Set default messages for invitations + renewals
  • Customize manual invitations + renewals
  • Send / cancel invitations + renewals
  • Send reminders
  • Track enrollment progress
  • Enable auto-renewals and auto-invites
  • Approve memberships
  • Process payments (limited – full control see Accounting Admin)
  • Manage membership types & forms:
  • Create new membership types including:
  • Fee structure: rolling, fixed term, pro-rated, flat fee, free
  • Duration
  • Privilege: member or read only
  • Edit membership types
  • Add new membership forms and select required + non-required fields

Manage Members


  • Add custom membership form fields
  • Generate member data reports
  • View / edit / copy / delete data reports
  • Export reports to spreadsheet files
  • Save report files
  • Change members end dates, renewal type and membership types
  • Remove members from group hold / reinstate membership
  • Configure member list display settings

Manage Accounting


  • View outstanding payments
  • Process payments
  • View total group earnings
  • View payment histories
  • Search payment history by member / date paid / method of payment
  • NOTE- To view event payment details Manage Events permission is also required

Manage (all)


Same permissions as Moderate, Invite, Manage Members & Accounting plus:

  • All group “manage” functions
  • Create / edit group's about page
  • Enable group's public page & choose a skin / theme for it
  • Change group privacy settings (until you have locked them)
  • Enable member list / file / classifieds/reviews/photos & polls
  • Designate member permissions
  • Enable member posting to files, news, calendar
  • Create / manage forums and subgroups

Manage Multiple Subgroups


For designated subgroups, same permissions as admin, except:

  • Unless Manage Multiple Subgroups has enrolled for full membership in one or more of the subgroups, the Manage Multiple Subgroups only has access to subgroup manage areas (they don’t have access to subgroup content).



  • View all forum topics
  • Bookmark (any) topic
  • Post regular topic
  • Post anonymous topic (if allowed in that forum)
  • Comment on a post
  • Comment privately on a post
  • Flag a post



Same permissions as forum post, plus:

  • View moderation queues (flagged + pending)
  • Hold / reject / release pending messages
  • Review flagged messages
  • Flush (delete) flagged messages
  • Delete (any) messages and/or comments
  • Disable further comments



Same permissions as moderate plus:

  • Can edit forum settings




View list of news items on news page

View group news item(s) detail

Bookmark (any) entry

Display news item in “Print View”



Same permissions as group news default, plus:

Create news entry

Feature news on buzz page

Publish news on public page

Edit / delete own entry

Email own entry to all members



Same permissions as group news post, plus:

Edit / delete (any) entry

Email (any) entry to all members




Same permissions as moderate, plus:

  • Can edit news settings.



Manage (all)

Same permissions as manage



View list of events on events page

View personal and group events in personal calendar

Add personal events to personal calendar

View event details

RSVP to RSVP events

View default guest list (unless it has been suppressed by event creator or moderator)



Same permissions as calendar default, plus:

Create single day / multi-day / recurring events

Create RSVP event

Edit / delete own events

Send notifications for own events:

ú Email to RSVP yes/maybe’s

ú Post to forums

ú Post to group news (with pending status if member doesn’t have group news permissions)

  • View summary RSVP list to own events
  • Feature own events on events page
  • Publish own events to public page

Coordinator-permission is assigned on the event itself

Same permissions as Post, except:

Permissions are granted for an individual event by assigning permission from within the event

Cannot create new events, only post permissions for single event



Same permissions as calendar post, plus:

Delete (any) event

Edit (any) event

View summary RSVP list to (any) event

Send notifications for (any) events:

ú Email to RSVP yes/maybe’s

ú Post to forums

ú Post to group news (with or without email to all members)



Same permissions as moderate, plus:

  • Can edit calendar and events settings



Manage (all) or Subgroup Manage (all)

Same permissions as moderate, plus:

Create calendar categories



If classifieds are enabled:

View all classified listings and comments

Bookmark (any) listing

Make an offer or comment to (any) listing

Create a listing

Add picture to listing

Change status of own listing: active, pending, closed

Append to own listing

View offers to own listing

Flag (any) listing



Same permissions as classifieds default, plus:

View classifieds moderation queue

Review flagged listings

Delete (any) listing

Flush moderation queue



Same permissions as moderate


Manage (all)

Same permissions as moderate, plus:

Enable / disable Classifieds



If file sharing is enabled:

View list of public files on files page

View all public files

Download all public files



Same permissions as file default, plus:

Add new file

Add / edit information (name, description, tags) for own files

Delete own file



Same permissions as file post, plus:

View all admin + moderator only files

Create / add an admin + moderator only file

Edit information (name, description, tags) for (any) files

Delete (any) files



Same permissions as moderate, plus:

  • Edit settings for the files area



Mange (all)

Same permissions manage, plus:

Enable / disable group files (file sharing)



If reviews are enabled:

View reviews



Same permissions as default, plus:

  • Can post reviews


Same permissions as post, plus:

  • Can approve/remove and edit content posted to reviews.



Same permissions as moderate, plus:

  • Can edit reviews settings

Manage (all)

Same permissions as moderate, plus:

  • Enable / disable Reviews



Permissions within a subgroup follow same structure as designated above for the main group.


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