Guide: Event Payments on BigTent

This guide will cover everything you need to know about collecting payments for events  If you're creating your first event on BigTent, you'll want to first read our Guide- Creating Group Events.


To collect payments for an event:

  • First, go to [group name] >Utilities> Manage > Manage Accounting >Settings and agree to the Payment Processing Agreement and enter your bank Information.




  • Return to the "Events" page, create an event, and check the box "Attendees must RSVP"





  • Edit the default guest type or add an additional type
  • Enter the dollar value for admission for this guest type and use the calculator to determine the amount that will be paid to your group.




NOTE: BigTent assesses a transaction fee of 4.9% plus $0.49 per transaction. Please keep this fee in mind when calculating the cost for each guest type.


  • Click "Add type" and create additional guest types as desired
  • Finish creating your event
  • Go to [group name ] > Utilities > Manage > Manage Accounting > Transactions to see how much your group has earned from event sales.


About transaction fees


BigTent allows groups to charge members to attend events. BigTent charges a transaction fee to process these payments through our system. The transaction fee is 4.9% + $0.49 per transaction.


On the event creation screen, we've provided you with a handy calculator to estimate the transaction fee that BigTent will deduct from the amount the member pays, so that groups will be able to estimate prices for tickets and items that will allow them to cover their costs.


Read on for an example of how the transaction fees might work for a hypothetical event. Watch out! Here comes some arithmetic:

  • Let's say your group needs about $20 per attendee to cover the cost of food at your neighborhood movie night. You'll want to charge members around $21.55 to attend this event, and should enter this amount in the "Price" field.



  • If a member buys one ticket to the neighborhood movie night at $21.55, BigTent will deduct approximately $1.55 (0.049 x $20.00 + $0.49) and the remaining $20 will be disbursed to the group. (Disbursements happen monthly.)


  • Because these fees are deducted per transaction, the calculator shown above simply estimates the transaction fee based on the purchase of one item.


  • In cases where members purchase more than one item at a time (say, three tickets the fee assessed will actually be less than if they'd purchased each item separately. It's a lot like when you purchase books or photo prints at an online retailer: You save a little on shipping and handling fees if you buy in bulk rather than one at a time.


Finally, keep in mind that when creating paid items for your event, whatever price you enter for the item is the price the member will pay. The fees will be deducted from this amount after the member pays.


Tracking payments


All this information (the amount the member paid, the actual amount of the transaction fee, and the amount available to be disbursed to your group for each transaction) is visible to group leaders in the accounting area.


Members who have permission to post events and who have created events requiring payment will need to contact group leaders for information about payment history, or to request access to the group's accounting area. Leaders of groups receiving shared events will not have access to payment information for the event.


To track payments for events:


  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Manage Accounting > Transactions.


  • On the Overview tab, you can see the total your group has collected for events in the time period indicated.




  • Click the "event fees" tab to see information on an event-by-event basis.



  • Here you'll see the event name, the total collected by your group (less BigTent's transaction fee).


  • Click an event's name to view transaction-by-transaction details.




  • Here you'll see the order number, the purchaser's name, the amount your group earned, the amount the purchaser paid, the payment method, and the date paid. You can search for a purchaser by email or name, or filter by payment method or date.


  • Click an order number to view the line items that correspond to that transaction.




Disbursement of funds


To collect payments for events, all groups must agree to the Payment Processing Agreement and specify an address by going to [group name] > Utilities >Manage > Manage Accounting > Settings. For more information about disbursements, please see our dedicated FAQ here.



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