How do refunds work on BigTent?

BigTent helps groups collect fees from members for things such as membership dues or payments for event admission. BigTent simply helps facilitate these transactions and then disburses the funds to the group, less a transaction fee. As such, BigTent is not responsible for processing refunds.


However, each group can decide if and when to issue refunds on its own. For example, for events  group leaders or event creators can specify if refunds are allowed, and if so, must indicate special instructions to members requesting refunds.


Members requesting refunds should contact group leaders directly, or follow instructions specified by group leaders in the Events or Enrollment areas.


Because BigTent collects a transaction fee for purchases facilitated through our site, then disburses the remaining funds to the group, the group may decide to refund the full amount that a member has paid, or choose only to refund the portion of the purchase remaining after the transaction fee was deducted.



Regrettably, BigTent cannot refund transaction fees either to the member or to the group. For more information about payments on BigTent, group leaders can refer to the BigTent Payment Processing Agreement, located in the Accounting area [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Accounting > Settings.


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