How does BigTent disburse funds to my group?

BigTent allows groups to collect membership dues and donations, and process payments for events and event-related items (e.g., raffle tickets). When members pay for items online, BigTent collects the funds from members through PayPal deducts a transaction fee, and disburses the funds monthly to your group via direct deposit to your group's (or a group leader's) bank account. Previously, we dispersed funds via PayPal or check.


In order to collect payments through BigTent, a group administrator must do the following:


  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Manage Accounting > Settings.
  • Go to the Bank Information section and enter the appropriate info.
  • Agree to BigTent's Payment Processing Agreement. This is required if you plan to collect event payments or membership dues paid with PayPal.




BigTent charges a transaction fee to process online payments. This fee is deducted from your group's monthly check. To learn more about the transaction fee, please visit this FAQ: Does BigTent charge a fee to process membership dues and event payments?

Payments collected for groups will be deposited directly into the bank account indicated on the accounting settings by the 15th of the following month, in which the payments were collected.



BigTent payment processing agreement:


When you join the Payment Processing Program, we will place a tab at appropriate locations on your Group Page to enable users to use a Payment Processor for a transaction. A user who clicks on the tab will be taken to a separate page on which the information for the transaction will be collected and sent to the Payment Processor for processing. We may charge a transaction fee for transactions processed through this Payment Processing Program; the amount of such fee will be displayed before the transaction is finalized. We may change the amount of the fee at any time. The fee may include one or both of a fee for BigTent and a fee for the Payment Processor.


Even though we may offer payment processing options using a particular Payment Processor on our site, we make no endorsements, recommendations or guarantees whatsoever about them or any of their products and services. If your Group or its users make any transactions using a Payment Processor or have anything else to do with them, that creates a relationship between the Payment Processor and the user. BigTent is not involved in that relationship in any way and will not get involved in the relationship for any reason, including in case of any disputes.


Payment to Group


Approximately once each month, BigTent shall send your Group one check for all money received by BigTent from money collected by the Payment Processors from your members during the previous month, less any applicable fees. BigTent may, from time to time at its option, make payments more or less frequently. It is your responsibility to make sure that your payment information is accurate and up-to-date, and we will have no liability for payments we make using the instructions we have on file when we make the payment if your Group does not receive them.


In calculating the payment to your Group, we will rely entirely on the Payment Processors for tracking of users (and identifying them as coming from your Group Page), and will not be responsible for any failures by the Payment Processors to properly track or report a transaction from those users. We will only make a payment to your Group based upon fees we actually receive from the Payment Processors that are identified as coming from your Group Page.



At any time, your group administrators having the appropriate permissions can view payment details including the names of all Group members who have paid money to your Group, the payment method and payment date. Such information may be accessed on the BigTent website using the following: MANAGE > accounting >payment report.




You can terminate your Group's participation in this Payment Processing Program at any time by opting out of the Payment Processing Program in the appropriate feature settings page.

We have the right to modify the terms of the Payment Processing Program or terminate the Payment Processing Program (or your participation) at any time upon notice to you. If either you or terminate the Payment Processing Program or your participation, we will pay your Group any amounts due for transactions completed prior to the termination.



Revised: June 16, 2009


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