Where can I show a listing of group leaders and their contact information?

On BigTent, it’s easy to create a list of group leaders, which includes descriptions of your leaders’ positions and, if applicable, office-specific email addresses (e.g., clubpresident@myclub.org).

This list of group leaders is visible on your group’s About page, found under [group name] >Resources > About.




To add leaders to your Group Leader Directory:


  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Group leaders. You can also edit and re-order leadership positions on this page.




  • Click "add new position”
  • Enter the title and description
  • Begin typing the name of the person you wish to assign to this position or just enter in their email address. BigTent automatically searches your group members to auto-fill the name and email address. Pick the desired name from the results list.
  • If you have more than one member to designate, separate each name with a comma.


Note: You can only assign leadership roles to current members of the group.


  • Indicate if these leaders are to be contacted via email or TentMail:


Option 1: Email. Enter the email address for the position. If there are multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma.


Option 2: TentMail. Begin typing the name of the person to receive the TentMail. Select the name from the auto-fill results list. If more than one person should receive the TentMail, separate names with a comma.


  • Click "Submit" to save your changes.


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