Our Group Uses Third-Party Payments- How Do Our Members Complete Enrollment on BigTent

If your group collects fees from members there are a few additional steps members will need to complete in order to enroll in your group. 


For Groups Requiring Application Approval* or Members in Completing Payment.

*Members will receive an email notification letting them know that they have been approved and to log onto BigTent to complete enrollment.

  • Log onto onto BigTent Click on the red alert




  • If enrollment has not been completed member will see an "Enrollment" alert.



  • Click on the Enrollment Alert to view the next step in the enrollment.



  • Click on Continue to view the group's payment options and instructions
    • Member will see instructions on how to complete payment which may include a URL to the third party provider.   
    • After completing payment member will need to also click FINISH on BigTent.




  • Groups collecting payments using a check or other payment methods will see the below image.



  • Members not seeing the below image or still showing as "completing payment" will need to complete the above steps.





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